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I interned remotely at Zuddl, a virtual event platform that helps event organizers reproduce all aspects of a physical conference from one-on-one networking to expo showcases. As a User Experience Design Intern, I helped the design team build on the new features the product was planning to introduce in the months of 2021.

Period : Summer Internship
Role : User Experience Design Intern for the Web Platform
Tools : Figma, Adobe Suite

My Contribution

Since the work done during the course of this internship is currently confidential until the next release, I will not be able to reveal the details of the work. However, a few key responsibilities expected on my end as a User Experience Design Intern included :

  • to understand upcoming functionality that has to be introduced and study the competitors (if applicable)

  • to create explorations and designs considering all implications and constraints

  • to conduct usability testing with several design explorations and to test the flows

  • to finalise the designs and account for all use cases, error states and empty states

  • to assist the product and engineering team in identifying bugs and usability issues by conducting analysis before every release


I was quite skeptical about the experience of interning remotely especially for the first official step I’d be taking into the industry, but interning at Zuddl proved to be one of the peak moments of growth and learning I’ve experienced so far. Working remotely with diverse set of people and minds, seemed challenging at first but the challenge was only a part of a bigger experience that helped me learn the essential skills of working collaboratively and communicating with people efficiently.

Additionally, it was my first introduction to a product based company and to a very different iterative design process cycle which helped my look at UX design from an entirely different lens. With the guidance of an exceptionally skilled team working at Zuddl, I was able to optimise my design understanding and workflow to fit the needs of the product.

If you would like to learn more about my project at zuddl, please reach out to me at


Thank You

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