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Who we are?

Swang is a student initiative that was started in 2019 which later developed into a club with the vision of promoting productive interaction between students from different batches and disciplines and providing a common platform for creative expression.

How we started off?

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Initial Vision

To provide a platform for drama for the design community in order to enhance the student interaction among different batches and disciplines.

What strategies worked?

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What we observed?


Higher Audience Acquisition

A huge number of people were attending every sessions


Lower Audience Retention

But they did not rejoin for consequent sessions. There was always a new audience

So what now?

The purpose of Swang was to give a push to the interaction in the Design Community but our approach was restricted to drama and needed redefining.

We redefined the vision

To promote productive interaction within the student community and strive to provide a platform to encourage all forms of creative expression (and not just drama)

This time we wanted to be sure...

Lean Canvas

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SWOT Analysis

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What this brought us to


Higher Audience Acquisition


Higher Audience Retention


Better Social Presence


Enhanced Trust

A Glance at the Events

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It went well...

Until 2020 required us to redefine one more time

we had...

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A good Social Presence

A not so good ‘Social Media’ Presence

What was missing?


All students were having a hard time coping with a study-from-home schedule and wanted to go back to spending time with the college community soon.


The new students joining in wish to fit into the college community as soon as possible and interact with its traditions, culture and people.


Students from the final years are missing the campus and are regretting having spent the last year away from college.

Our Instagram Feed - Setting the identity

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Hosting Virtual Events

An Icebreaker session with the new joinees

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Anonymized appreciation and thank you wishes for the end of the year

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An Online Open Mic

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Creating stories and content

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‘You need to find the missing links in your life. You need to find what completes you!’. But what if you could create them. That's how I constructed my journey with Satrang, bit by bit, lego by lego.

I come from a small town Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Before I joined college, I was helping a friend’s mother in making bags and purses. But in my 1st year Two seniors, Tanvi and Shivani who were handling a college community called ‘IDID’ asked if I would be interested. So I signed up...

....A close friend asked me, “Do you understand what Satrang is? It's your entire life, Pandey!” And in that moment it struck me. Satrang didn't just stand for the 7 bags I started with, it also stood for the LGBTQIA community I identify with...

How we increased our reach?

Our Instagram page had a very limited reach to barely a few hundred students from the college. However, once we started putting out more content personalised for the design audience at MITID, the outreach grew greatly in a matter of few days.

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It took us 15 days to go from 200 followers to 300 followers and another 6 days to go from 300 follwers to 600 followers.

Presentation by - Chahat Premprakashi and D. Sudhikksha

The Rest of the Swang Team

  • Shreya Dhar

  • Sindhura P

  • Vrushali Baheti

  • Mrunmayee Wadekar

  • Aryan Sharma

  • Nikita Anil

  • Priyanka Yadav

  • Rhea Mirje

Thank You

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