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Vector Art on Figma

An illustration of the arches of Jaipur
An illustration of winter
An illustration of the beach
An flatlay illustration of a workspace from first year of college
An flaylay illustration of a workspace at Seekh
A flatlay illustration of a quarantined workspace
An illustration of ice candies with pretty gradients
An illustration of a chocobar
An illustration of a UI Designer's typical meal with chips, hamburgers, meatball kebabs, toasts, and breadcrumbs

Birth Flower Patterns for Every Month

A snowdrop pattern (Birthflower for January)

January - Snowdrop

A Daisy flower pattern (Birthflower for April)

April - Daisy

A Waterlily flower pattern (Birthflower for July)

July - Waterlily

A Marigold flower pattern (Birthflower for October)

October - Marigold

A Violet flower pattern (Birthflower for February)

February - Violet

A Lily of the Valley flower pattern (Birthflower for May)

May - Lily of the Valley

A Poppy flower pattern (Birthflower for August)

August - Poppy

A Chrysanthemum flower pattern (Birthflower for November)

November - Chrysanthemum

A Daffodil flower pattern (Birthflower for March)

March - Daffodil

A Rose flower pattern (Birthflower for June)

June - Rose

An Aster flower pattern (Birthflower for September)

September - Aster

A Holly flower pattern (Birthflower for December)

December - Holly

Vector Art Adobe Illustrator

An illustration of a cheesecake
An illustration of a softy ice cream
An illustration of a kiwi
An illustration of cup of chai
An illustration of a succulent
An illustration of Alpenliebe
An illustration of vada pav

A periodic table for body language traits

A periodic table for body language traits.png
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