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Project Brief

Analysing the current PACA (People Against Cyber Abuse) website and redesigning it to match the vision of the organisation.

Format - Design Project for PACA
Team - Individual
Role - UX Analysis, Information Architecture, Style Guide, High Fidelity Designs
Timeline - Jan, 2020




Analysing the Current Website based on heuristics


Ideating, Exploring and Defining the Style Guide


Establishing a Design


Designing the final screens for the website


Defining the Information Architecture


Designing the responsive mobile browser screens



Design Vision

Redesigning the website for PACA along with a responsive mobile browser version while keeping in mind three specific heuristics, i.e. visibility of system status, consistency and standards, and aesthetic and minimalist design.

Information Architecture


Ideations and Explorations

I started off looking at several different kinds of volunteering websites and creating explorations for the home page. From illustrations to geometric shapes, I tried different variations until we came to the conclusion that neither would communicate professionalism, humanity and goodwill. So we went with images and overlays, since they provided a good balance between seriousness and humanness.


Final Screens

The Home Page

Device - Macbook Pro.png
Device - Macbook Pro2.png
Device - Macbook Pro.png


The collaborate page not only informs individuals how they could be a part of this change but also invites students, professionals and organisations to join the movement.

People are at the center of PACA. And putting them under titles and buckets was not a part of PACA brand values.

People's Page

Responsive Designs for the Mobile Browser



This was the first time I tried redesigning a live website. I worked with a small team of developers, copywriters, strategists and the founders to identify the vision and mission of the organisation and to design a website that would reflect their voice throughout. We scheduled all the work in a very iterative format so that every design exploration session was followed by a feedback and an ideation session for the next design. This helped ensure that the work didn't happen in silos despite us working from home.

The website is currently under development and should be released in about a month or two!

Thank You

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