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The Problem Scenario

To design an application/product that would prevent young adults and adolescents from toxic productivity and insecurity due to the lockdown.

Format - Design Challenge
Team - 3 Graphic Designers, 1 Product Designer, 1 UX Designer (me) and our Mentor
Role - Research, Analysis & Design
Timeline - May - June, 2020

The Methodology we followed


  • Desk Research

  • User Interviews

  • User Surveys


  • Personas

  • Affinity Mapping

  • Defining the Problem


  • Brainstorming

  • Competitive Advantage

  • User Interface

  • Activity Flow Diagram

What our users felt

54 users

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What our user personas looked like

I don’t feel like working anymore. Sitting here alone and working in front of a computer is really killing all my motivation.

As much as I like staying at home and working and sipping my coffee, I’m constantly wondering if I’m doing enough

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Clustering Insights - Affinity Mapping

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Defining the Problem Area


Excessive stress due to difficulties in working from home


Lack of a driven environment that affects motivation to work


Extremities in productivity to meet the minimal motivation


An evident increase in toxic productivity and a sense of insecurity

The Problem Statement

To help adolescents and young adults deal with issues related to toxic productivity and a sense of insecurity and to promote a healthier balance in life.

But what is toxic productivity?

This lockdown has caused many people to feel insecure and worthless for not spending their time well. The constant feeling of running a rat race without really feeling motivated to complete their to-do list has affected the mental and physical wellbeing of many. This has given rise to the concept of toxic productivity. However, toxic productivity isn’t a one directional concept, it goes both ways.

On one side are people who are
constantly overpowered by guilt for not getting work done whereas, on the other end are people who are always discontent with the work they do and tend to overwork.

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How can we help reduce toxic productivity?


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Bagua is a gamified version of a productivity and task management application that helps people balance their lives in a healthier manner while treating the concept of productivity more optimistically.

assigning you a buddy who helps you get through this time and balance your life better, Bagua projects your well being on your buddy and encourages you to take small steps towards a better lifestyle.

Activity Diagram

Untitled Diagram (6) 1.png

The User Interface

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How we think Bagua will help the users

Group 801.png

By gamifying the process of balancing life better, users could enjoy the process of being productive throughout the lockdown and probably later as well. We believe, slowly and gradually, Bagua could help users reach closer to the healthy productivity region on the spectrum of productivity.

Competitive Analysis & Advantage

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What sets us apart?

  • Holistic Approach to Productivity

  • Automatic Timetable Generator

  • Promoting Balanced Life

  • Innovative Infographics

  • Visible Impact through charity

  • Quirky elements & characteristics

  • Friendly language for a personal touch


​This project was done for a design challenge along with 4 other design students. I was the only User Experience Design student in a team of Graphic Designers and one Product Designer. Throughout the process of this project, I learnt a lot about cross-collaboration work and got a chance to see things from a newer perspective. At the same time, I was quite glad to share my understanding of UX processes and UI design with the team.

On the whole, working on this project helped me realise that I
could extract different interests and skills from within myself by working with newer people with different ideologies and perspectives. We would like to sincerely thank our mentor Mr. Somesh Nanda for helping us with the project throughout.

The Team

Mentor : Mr. Somesh Nanda
Chahat Premprakashi - UX Design
Raageshwari Kandaswamy - Graphic Design
Shreya Dhar - Graphic Design
Sindhura Nag - Graphic Design
Srushti Atre - Product Design

Figma Feather Icons and Illustrations by Pablo Stanley were used in a few places to illustrate the idea

Thank You

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